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Your Cyber Security Needs for 2022

The modern world of work is no longer limited to merely the office setting and is now accessible from anywhere on the globe. It is this fact that has elevated the cyber security of your organization to the very top of your business concerns. Over recent years our reliance on technology has grown exponentially, but, unfortunately, our knowledge of IT – and the correct way to protect it from various threats – hasn’t followed suit.

Your team must have a very basic understanding of cyber security at the very least – this knowledge will allow them to navigate your cyber landscape in the safest way possible. Typically, small to medium businesses don’t take cyber security seriously enough, but this could be a grave mistake and leave them susceptible to all manner of cyber attacks.

The security of your systems should be as much of a concern as the physical security of your organization – you check the windows and doors religiously when you leave the office, don’t you? So put the same care into your cyber security.

Our internet connected devices are now integral parts of our workday – criminals have noticed this and are seizing the opportunity to take advantage. Most cyber criminals have a level of technical prowess that is far greater than the average internet user – but that doesn’t mean you have to just roll over and let them do what they like – you must defend your systems, and take action. If the cyber criminals succeed, it is your livelihood and that of your entire team that will pay the price.

As we briefly explained, a staff team that is incompetent or uneducated on the correct ways to navigate your cyber landscape is the main vulnerable area that cyber criminals will target. We are now pleased to offer education regarding cyber threats to ensure you enjoy a secure landscape and ensure that you can create a cyber secure future for your organization.

Let’s now take a look at some of the methods used by cyber criminals to gain access to your systems. In the article that follows we will explore some cyber security fundamentals that will allow you to defend your systems from a variety of cyber attacks.


Methods of cyber attack


Ransomware –

Ransomware attacks revolve around access to your data – a cyber criminal will encrypt and then deny you access to it altogether. Once they have control of your data, the cyber criminal will demand a ransom in exchange for its safe return. Cyber criminals are cunning. They won’t just stop there and wait for payment, but will use various tactics to force your hand, usually by setting tight deadlines on when the ransom needs to be paid or by deleting small segments of data periodically to prove they are serious.

We understand the temptation to just pay them and get it over with. The problem is that a criminal is unlikely to stick to their word. Paying simply broadcasts to the criminal community that you are ready and willing to pay what is demanded of you, so, with this knowledge, they will likely target you again in the future or demand more money once you have paid the sum agreed.


Phishing –

When performing a Phishing attack, the cyber criminal responsible will pose as someone else in a fraudulent email. The aim of the criminal is to gain access to your systems in order to sell or distribute your data.

The email carries malicious links that once clicked on can grant access, hand over control to the attacker, or result in a variety of other potentially disastrous consequences. As we said already, cyber criminals are clever. When phishing, they will assume a familiar false identity to make the recipient feel at ease, hoping that the trust the recipient has in the true identity forces their hand to click the link.

Pressure is then introduced. The fake link will usually offer to fast track you direct to the resolution to your problem, or if posing as someone in a position of trust like your manager or your bank they will say something similar to this – ‘Confirm your identity within three minutes or your account will be permanently locked’. Again, cyber criminals are clever, and will structure the message in such a way that you feel you have no other choice other than to act right now, crucially without time to obtain a second opinion. Once having clicked the link you are beyond the point of no return, and they already have access or perhaps even control – the damage begins now.


Malware –

Malware can be truly devastating to your business. It is designed with the intention of stealing your data, but can also cause complete chaos on your system. Malware – unlike other forms of cyber attack – is managed by a group of cyber criminals,

Who will make the software to either cause carnage themselves, or to distribute the software on the Dark Web for others to use.

The methods of attack in any cyber criminals’ arsenal are forever growing in amount and quality. With an at least partial knowledge on the most common forms of cyber attack you and your team can feel confident that you are doing everything in your power to defend your systems in the most secure way possible. You must purchase, implement, and maintain the correct tools in order to protect your business adequately. In the following article we will explore some of those tools and enlighten you to their capabilities, or you can get in contact with a member of our expert team to learn more.


Technology utilized

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