Security Solutions

Breaches and cyber-attacks happen at the click of a button – and can set you back years. At Horizon, we work closely with growth-minded businesses to understand where their biggest risk factors lie – and how we can keep their IT infrastructure safeguarded around the clock.

IT security is about peace of mind. Are you going to bed each night with full confidence in your defense strategy?

The Role of IT Security in Growing Businesses

Many growing businesses do not have an IT security plan, making them an easy target for hackers.

Keeping a business safe goes beyond anti-malware tools and threat scanners. The best defense strategies incorporate predictive technology, company-wide defense tactics, and recovery plans into daily operations before disasters strike.

Procrastinating IT security is the most costly mistake a business can make. Invest in your company’s future and equip your technology infrastructure with comprehensive protection.

Horizon Security Solutions


Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC)

Horizon’s SOC systems function around the clock to monitor your network, workstation activity, servers, defense software, and more to provide growing businesses with proactive support against current and future threats.


Anti-Virus, Spam, and Phishing

Anti-malware is a core component of an IT security plan – but doesn’t always provide 360° protection. Our security experts leverage predictive analytics and security monitoring to understand patterns, vulnerabilities, and risks to continuously make your IT infrastructure smarter and more versatile.



Putting off regular upgrades and patches is a quick way to expose your network. The Horizon team will perform every update to keep your technology infrastructure ahead of the curve.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Horizon’s endpoint protection system covers every technology component and entryway within your IT environment. The system is designed to quickly detect, examine, block, and preemptively contain any attacks to your network.

Security Training

Best-Practice Security Training

Education is (and always will be) the most important line of defense against security breaches. Horizon’s experts work closely with your team to implement secure workflows and routines – and teach them how to avoid falling victim to hacking attempts.

Our Mindset in IT Security Solutions

Security is a Baseline IT Service

No business should decline an IT security strategy due to expensive “out of scope” work from their MSP. At Horizon, high-grade security is not an add-on or pricey upgrade – it’s a cornerstone of every IT plan we implement.


The Best Protection is a Smart Company Culture

IT security is more than a collection of tools – it’s a mindset that needs to flow through an organization. Our team actively works with your employees to make sure they understand security best practices and how to maintain a safe business ecosystem.

Proactive Security is the Only Security

Managing security issues in hindsight equals lost productivity, extended downtimes, and missed revenue. Horizon’s monitoring technology works 24/7 to pinpoint and handle risks before they compromise your IT infrastructure.

Threats Are Evolving

Cybercrime is an extremely resourceful industry – and threats are constantly becoming sneakier and more devastating. We’re always working to stay on top of the latest risks to keep your company one step ahead.

Let’s Make IT Security Solutions a Pillar of Business Growth


Don’t wait for a disaster to happen to start prioritizing IT security. Give your growing business the protection it deserves.