Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services That Empower Your Business Growth

Horizon Managed Services is proud to provide straightforward and effective Managed IT Services that support your daily operations and your long-term growth.

We work with our clients a close partner, invested in your business journey, culture, and ability to reach the next level. Our managed IT services plans are formulated to fit your business like a glove – and eliminate the stress and uncertainties of the growth phase.

Why Choose Horizon's Managed IT Services?

Growing businesses can’t afford the struggle of living from one technology breakdown to the next. When you invest in managed IT services with Horizon Managed Services, you get round-the-clock access to an entire team of technology experts. These specialists work around the clock to eliminate issues and risk factors long before breakdowns occur – so you can focus on running your business without interruptions.

At Horizon, we take a client-focused approach to helping our partners grow their businesses. Our focus is on leveraging simple, yet powerful technology solutions that are designed to provide maximum value with minimal effort.

We understand that the world of IT can be complex and confusing, so we strive to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for our client's success. 

Our growth mindset means that our team always looks for ways in which technology can enhance business operations and help our clients reach their goals. To achieve this, we employ an experienced team of professionals who are committed to delivering high-quality results.


Managed Services Providers
versus Break-Fix IT Companies

Growing businesses have a couple options to manage their IT infrastructures.

Working with a Managed IT Services Provider

Comprehensive coverage of IT infrastructure

Flat, predictable monthly cost

Access to cutting-edge IT security systems

24/7/365 security monitoring

Proactive problem solving

Updates and fixes are included

Long-term solutions (to avoid recurring issues)

Fast response times (within minutes)

Minimal downtime (if any)

Working with a Break-Fix Company

Only show up when systems break down

Expensive, unexpected repair costs

Pricey security upsells after a breach occurs

No security monitoring

Reactive problem solving

Short-term solutions and band-aid fixes

Long response times (hours or days)

Extended downtime whenever something breaks

Lost productivity and revenue

Break-fix providers get paid to fix your IT problems – your losses are their victories. Managed services providers lose money when you run into issues, and they work day and night to help you avoid interruptions altogether.

Horizon Managed Services is focused on your bottom line and your business continuity. From customer experience to workflow optimization, we understand that technology in your business is playing a big role in the way your business operates and grows.

Horizon’s Managed IT Services

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Business growth is a time of uncertainty – the next best move is not always crystal-clear. Our specialists work closely to understand your current IT setup, future goals, capabilities, and more to guide you through the growth phase with minimal risk.


VOIP Services

A business is only as good as its communication abilities. Horizon will implement the latest VOIP technology and make sure the whole team is set up for success.


Productivity Analysis

Healthy productivity is the backbone of every growing business. Our specialists work closely within your technology infrastructure to examine what’s working well, what needs improvement, and how we can continuously optimize your IT to make sure everyone does their best work.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the foundation for many companies’ daily operations. Whether it’s email, Teams, shared calendars, or anything else, we’ll make sure you’re maximizing your investment.

Network Monitoring

24/7 Network Monitoring

Your network doesn’t take days off – and our experts keep tabs on your IT infrastructure around the clock, on weekends, holidays, and everything in between to keep operations running smoothly day after day.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The future of business is in the cloud, but the “perfect” cloud formula looks different for every company. Horizon’s cloud experts will conduct a detailed business discovery to determine which operations are best managed on-site versus off-site – then build a custom plan.

Help Desk

Help Desk

Our technicians are on standby to answer questions, field concerns, and solve any issues with your IT setup - no matter when they occur.

The Horizon Promise

A Fully-Customized IT Strategy

Every Horizon IT plan is based on thorough research and analysis – and no two strategies are the same. We’ll understand your company on the ground level, then craft a plan that covers all your bases.

Proactive Solutions

“Hindsight is 2020” should never be your reality in IT. We keep constant tabs on our clients’ IT infrastructures to spot the warning signs of problems – then implement long-term solutions before you experience any interruptions.

Quick Responses

When you partner with Horizon, you can think of us as your IT department down the hallway. If any questions or concerns come up, our technicians will respond in a matter of minutes.

Clear Pricing

Convoluted pricing and hidden fees have no place in our service model. You pay a flat, predictable monthly rate for our services, period.

See The Horizons We’ve Brightened

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Having recently partnered with Horizon to assist in strategically migrating our network operating system, as well as installing and configuring a new VPN we couldn't be happier. If you are looking for a bunch a really smart people that are customer centric, look no further than the team at Horizon.

— Bobby Decelles, Prestige Metals

“Horizon Managed Services is so responsive, courteous, and helpful! They manage so much for us and are extremely helpful when we run into a snag or are looking to upgrade.“

— Erica Cleveland, NorthBridge Church

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