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Expert Management Of Your IT Projects

Projects should make your business better, not hold it back. If you're looking to keep your projects on time and under budget, hand them over to Horizon Managed Services.

Falling Behind On Projects?

Major projects can be difficult for an internal IT team to handle in addition to regular IT maintenance tasks. Simply overseeing an organization's daily IT tasks can be a struggle and often times have IT managers or internal IT staff spending most of their time just "putting out fires" one after another.

We understand the constant stream of requests, troubleshooting, and maintenance tasks can keep your IT personnel from tackling the larger goals that you have for your business technology, such as new IT projects, and there’s never a “convenient” time to update your technology infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean it should equate to extended downtimes and lost revenue.

Do you need extra help to get that latest IT project done on time and under budget?

Horizon specializes in helping businesses smoothly execute projects from start to finish – no matter how big or small. Let’s figure out the best way to enhance your systems.

Tell Us About Your Next IT Project

Why Seek Out Professional IT Project Support?

Project Managers

Work with Proven IT Project Managers

IT projects are full of obstacles – foreseeable and unforeseeable. Seasoned project managers know how to navigate these obstacles and ensure the end result sets everyone up for success.


Avoid Extended Downtimes

No business can afford to put operations on hold while projects are being executed. An IT project expert will work business continuity into the plan and avoid interruptions. With a skilled approach, employees shouldn’t notice much of a difference in daily operations.

Your Employees

Support Your Employees

Every IT project ushers in change – and projects are not successful unless everyone adapts. Professional IT managers will work closely with your team to get people up to speed on new processes and systems.


Set Your Company Up for the Long-Term

An IT project should be planned and executed to strengthen the organization today, tomorrow, and as far forward as possible. When you partner with an IT project specialist, you’re getting solutions designed to last.

Our IT Project Support

Digital Transformation

Digital transformations are the nuts and bolts of how companies elevate business performance. Horizon guides employees through every step of the process with KPI tracking, data analysis, and ongoing support.

Office Relocations

Moving to a new office is a big transition and the start of a new chapter. Horizon will manage every step of the move from planning and logistics to computer room setup and process implementation to make sure your company doesn’t skip a beat.

Data Backup & Recovery

Your data is your livelihood. When you work with us, safeguarding your data is the number one priority in every IT project. We’ll develop a fool-proof plan for frequent backups and recovery at a moment’s notice.

Cloud Migrations

The cloud works wonders to make businesses perform smarter and more efficiently. Our experts will formulate a cloud strategy based on your unique business needs – and implement the move in a way that enhances daily operations.

Hardware Procurement

Computers, phone systems, printers, copiers, and other tech components are the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Horizon works closely with your team to understand their needs on the ground level, then find and implement the equipment that serves everyone.

Incident Response

IT Incidents happen from time to time. The way they are responded to and managed determines the fallout. Our technicians work around the clock to avoid big IT failures – and will step in at the drop of a hat.

Compliance Auditing

Compliance standards change – and you should never be stressed about fines and violations. Based on your industry, Horizon will conduct periodic examinations to make sure you’re following the rules.

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&As can get complicated. Our project managers will work with your company from A to Z to execute the transition seamlessly.

The Pillars of Every Progressive IT Project

Risk Assessment

Thorough Risk Assessment

Prior planning is the key to every successful IT project. We’ll examine the strategy under a microscope from all angles to plan for challenges before you come face to face with them.

Exhaustive Planning

Exhaustive Planning

Horizon project managers work with your team to map out every detail of the project. We strategically build our plans to avoid downtimes and make the process simple for employees.

Efficient Execution

Efficient Execution

Our specialists will oversee every move in the IT project, sparing no detail and tackling obstacles head-on.

All-Inclusive Support

All-Inclusive Support

Our work in an IT project never really ends. We’re on call to support your staff and make sure everyone is on the same page.

What Does Your Next IT Project Look Like?

Progressive IT is about making positive changes in everyday processes. Horizon is here to ensure every project adds long-term value to your company – without compromise.

Let’s chat about your IT project today.