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Is Your System Capable of Backing up Your Data Efficiently? | On-Premise IT

Many business owners are still behaving very cautiously due to the unpredictability brought about by the pandemic. Can you blame them? Many were shocked to discover that not only do they need to be sure that their team are working as productively as possible, but also that they have backups available in the event of another pandemic or similar business defining circumstance.

As we explained in the previous article, Cloud computing was by far the most common method for most in their attempts to battle with the uncertainty the pandemic brought with it; its abilities to allow your team to work from anywhere in the made it the number one choice for most. Most that adopted it during the pandemic liked it so much they have continued the practice, now that they are familiar with it they have realized that it is likely to be the future of their organization and work around the world.

In the previous article we explored the both the positives and the negatives of the Cloud and concluded that it isn’t for everyone – some have no choice but to continue working with on-premise IT, and some may even need a hybrid of the two.

In this article we will explore the positives and negatives of on-premise IT and, hopefully, assist you in deciding whether it is right for your business.


The positives of On-Premise IT

Access – no matter the circumstances

With on-premise IT, regardless of your internet connection you are still able to carry out key work functions no matter the circumstances – it is nice to not rely on anyone but yourself, being self-sufficient can be bliss. The Cloud, on the other hand, requires a constant internet connection to work.

You are only dependent on yourself

As we just said, being self-sufficient can be bliss, it is particularly desirable for business owners as they only need to be concerned about what them and their team are doing


The negatives of On-Premise IT

The upfront investment and continued cost

On-premise IT can be very expensive. The hardware, software, and other services are not cheap to buy, or keep operational to regulatory and satisfactory standards, and their lifespan is woefully short. Most on-premise solutions typically remain relevant for around four years on average, think about that in a financial sense, you will need to find thousands of dollars every few years just to ensure that your system is as secure and working as it should be. Your infrastructure may not even last that long, so your return on investment may not be good either.

Inability to scale

The Cloud can grow and shrink to your whim, on-premise on the other hand can’t. If you need to scale you will need to spend out on the infrastructure that can make it possible, and if this scaling needs to happen unexpectedly you wouldn’t stand a chance of it being a success quick enough.

Your tech needs to support your business as effectively and efficiently as possible.

As you can see, both the Cloud and on-premise IT have both positive and negatives traits. As much as we would love to, we can’t take the strain and choose for you – you must make a revised decision based on what is best for you and your team, and most importantly the prolonged security, survival, and success of your business. We can assist and advise you in making the best revised decision for you and your team, get in contact with us and take advantage of our expert IT consultancy.



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