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“Having recently partnered with Horizon to assist in strategically migrating our network operating system, as well as installing and configuring a new VPN we couldn't be happier. If you are looking for a bunch a really smart people that are customer centric, look no further than the team at Horizon.”

— Bobby Decelles, Prestige Metals

“Horizon Managed Services is so responsive, courteous, and helpful! They manage so much for us and are extremely helpful when we run into a snag or are looking to upgrade.“

— Erica Cleveland, NorthBridge Church

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How Does IT Spark Growth ?


Proactive Planning

Every business journey has growing pains. A well-planned IT strategy anticipates hiccups throughout the growth phase - and eliminates roadblocks before you come face-to-face with them.


Clear, Bundled Pricing

Rapid growth is full of unwelcome surprises on the balance sheet – IT shouldn’t be one of them. When you partner with a managed IT services provider, you deserve a flat, agreed-upon monthly rate. No hidden fees, sneaky upcharges, or anything else.


Minimal System Downtime

Every minute of downtime spells lost productivity and revenue. Growth-focused IT monitors your technology infrastructure 24/7 to avoid malfunctions and maximize uptime.


First-Rate Security

Protecting your business shouldn’t feel like an extra expense. State-of-the-art security is not a fancy add-on or upgrade in a Horizon IT plan – it’s a baseline component.

When Does IT Suppress Growth ?


Template IT Plans

No two businesses are the same – your requirements are not everyone’s requirements. Growing businesses need an IT strategy that’s planned, implemented, and monitored to solve their company’s unique challenges.


Problem Solving in Hindsight

Conducting damage control after a breach or system failure equates to extended downtimes and missed opportunities. IT strategies should involve round-the-clock monitoring to spot and mitigate risks before they turn into problems.


Unnecessary Upsells

The IT industry is full of aggressive sales tactics and jargon to sell solutions to problems that don’t exist. Growth-minded IT partners are actively working to optimize your overhead expenses, not create new ones.


Delayed Responses from Technicians

When you run into IT issues, you need answers now – not tomorrow, not next week. Getting in touch with a skilled technician should happen in a matter of minutes.

The Horizon Approach to IT Management


Each Horizon IT plan starts with a deep dive into the company’s existing technology infrastructure and culture. We will identify your strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities to leverage technology solutions to advance your business journey.

Security Mapping

Security risks are evolving to be sneakier and more destructive – and no IT infrastructure is completely bulletproof. The best defense is exhaustive planning to determine where your vulnerabilities lie and how to stay ahead of hackers. Horizon will manage every aspect of your IT security plan – giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Growth Planning

Business growth should feel like a natural progression – not an endless source of stress. Our specialists will plot out your technology needs for today, tomorrow, and years down the road.

After Hours Support

Your IT infrastructure doesn’t shut off at 5 pm, sleep in on the weekends, or take holidays off – and neither do we. Our technicians are standing by day and night monitoring your technology and are available to answer your questions at a moment’s notice.

Let’s set your sights on a newer, brighter Horizon.

What to Expect in a Partnership
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Hire Us to Help Spark Your Growth

Looming fears of system failures, downtimes, and breaches shouldn’t be part of your business journey. Horizon is here to make your growth phase seamless and optimistic. If you’re ready to turn technology into an engine for success, talk to our team today.


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